A 14-YEAR-OLD is still fighting for his life after being hit by a car near his home.

Callum West, who goes to Longhill High School in Ovingdean, was hit by a car on Monday night in Sandhurst Avenue, Woodingdean.

He has been critically injured and is currently in a coma in Southampton General Hospital with his heart-broken mother and father right by his bedside.

Family friends Michele Tyrrell and Sheena Older from Woodingdean have since launched a petition to gather support for the family during such a distressing time.

Ms Tyrrell said: “It’s just devastating.

“It is such a traumatic time for Callum’s family and we wanted to start this petition to just help put their minds a bit more at ease.

“The last thing we want them to worry about is rent and money at the moment while their boy is critically injured.”

Callum’s parents, Jackie Manser and Tim West, have four other children who are currently in the care of relatives and friends.

Ms Tyrrell said her four children have grown up with Callum and his other siblings.

She said: “When my children were younger they all used to play together and my eldest daughter went to school with him. He’s just such a lovely boy.

“He’s your classic bubbly teenage boy. It’s just devastating where he is now which is why we are trying to get as much support as possible.”

Ms Tyrrell said Callum’s parents have been in hospital with their son since the accident and are not currently accepting visitors during this difficult time.

She said: “Woodingdean is such an amazing community area and everyone is really showing care and concern.

“The petition is receiving a lot of support already but the more the better.

“It can just be a pound to help take that little bit of pressure off the family.”

The petition, only created on Thursday, has already reached almost £1,000,

Their target is £5,000.

Sheena Older said: “As many of us feel helpless and sad that the family have to go through this and we can’t do anything to help, a donation will at least take away one worry as they go through this devastating time and bringing up their other children.

“I cannot put into words how important it is to help them during this time.”

A man has been arrested since Callum was seriously injured in the crash.

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