A MAN accused of a city centre rape has claimed the woman consented to sex.

Mahad Hussein denies two rapes in an alley in The Lanes, Brighton.

He says he had consensual oral sex with her earlier in the night after meeting at a party near Air Street in the city centre.

Yesterday at Hove Crown Court the 22-year-old appeared in the dock to testify.

Hussein said she had performed a lap dance for him when they were with friends at the party.

But then she had heard him talking about revenge plans to rob her friends who he blamed for stabbing him last year.

Despite claims he had “manhandled” her into a narrow alley with no escape, he said it was not to rape her, but to stop her telling the gang where he was.

Marie Spenwyn, defending, asked Hussein how the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, appeared to him on the night in January.

Hussein said: “She was seeming like she was into me, doing lap dances and dancing around. We spoke about where she was from and what she did for a living.”

Later when they were together in Burger King, he said: “I thought I was feeling her, and thought I liked her and she had some feelings towards me.”

CCTV appeared to show the two holding hands leaving the North Street restaurant before going to Regency Square, where Hussein claims she kissed him.

He said she pulled down his trousers to perform oral sex.

But later CCTV footage from Duke Street and Ship Street showed him grabbing her and restraining her, forcing her in the direction of a dead end alley between Marwoods cafe and Cafe Coho.

Hussein said: “I was trying to persuade her not to tell them boys. She told me she had rights to tell them as they were pals of hers. She said she was going to tell them one way or another.

“I spotted the alleyway and thought that was a suitable place. She started realising I was telling the truth.”

Dale Sullivan, prosecuting, previously told the jury Hussein had “manhandled” the woman.

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Delivery driver Thomas Nicholl had interrupted them, and reported that he could hear her “sobbing”. Hussein says she sobbed because he told her a camera had recorded them.

“She was consenting at all times,” he said.

Mr Sullivan cross-examined Hussein, of Copenhagen Place, Tower Hamlets, and said the woman could clearly be seen stumbling on the CCTV because she was drunk.

The victim showed “no interest” in him and moved away from him in Burger King, only for Hussein to grab her.

“You are being amorous and affectionate, and it is not reciprocated, she doesn’t welcome your level of attention does she?” Mr Sullivan asked.

Hussein replied: “She wanted it her way, she wanted me to buy her alcohol and buy her food.”

Mr Sullivan said CCTV footage in Ship Street showed Hussein restraining the woman and pulling her by the hair.

“You dragged her into the alleyway, and told her she could not leave.” Mr Sullivan said.

Hussein replied: “I wanted to express myself properly to her, to talk to her.”

At one point in the alley, the woman appeared to plead with Hussein and put her hands up.

“She was on the defensive, because you were doing things she was not happy about.” Mr Sullivan said.

Hussein replied: “No.”

Mr Sullivan said: “This is all to do with your sexual interest in her, it is nothing to do with her supposedly grassing you up to the gang.”

The trial continues.