DO YOU remember Brighton's biggest lockdown moments?

Today marks six months from the date Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced national lockdown and what better way to look back than to remember some of the most outrageous stories.

When the Prime Minister declared Britain was going into lockdown on Sunday, March 22, who knew what mayhem was in store.

Here are five of the most memorable moments:

1. Celebrating our healthcare workers with weekly clapping

The Argus:

(Jacob King/PA)

Clap for our carers ran for 10 weeks during the height of lockdown and saw us all stand outside our homes or clap out the windows on Thursdays at 8pm.

Hundreds of people across Brighton and Hove took to the streets each week to clap and celebrate our fronline workers.

On July 5, the initiative returned to mark the 72nd anniversary of our NHS. 

2. Sussex panic-buyers slammed for wasting food 

The Argus:

Back in March, the fury of the nation presided over the empty shelves of our supermarket’s and toilet roll wasn’t the only thing people were missing out on.

From pasta to yeast, potatoes to custard, our shelves were becomming bare and people were struggling to find their daily essentials. 

However, panic-buyers were slammed after bins across Sussex were pictured overflowing with food waste. 

As a result of the virus and limitation of food, supermarket restrictions were put in place to limit the number of people from a single household entering, the number of items someone could buy and the times in which we could visit the stores.

3. The bundles of joy that made us all smile during lockdown​

The Argus:

Amid the misery of the pandemic and the potential loneliness of lockdown, the news stories that made many of us smile were the tales of babies born during the pandemic.

When times were tough and it seemed that we were stuck in a dystopian world, there was nothing quite like seeing fresh new life blooming.

Although the gorgeous bundles of joy could not be shown off in the ‘normal’ way to friends and family, the county enjoyed seeing the charming newborns across The Argus. 

4. The real-life Del Boy who sold toilet paper for £2 a roll from his driveway

The Argus:

As toilet-roll-gate gripped Britain at the start of lockdown, people were struggling to get their hands on the vital necessity.

The chancer took to his suburban driveway in Batte to make a quick buck from the Andrex "classic clean" loo roll

Luckily, the world has calmed down a little and we aren’t all getting in a tizz about toilet paper.

5. The inevitable crowds at the beaches as soon as lockdown measures were lifted 

The Argus:

On one of the hottest days of the year in May, crowds of people were seen on the beaches in Brighton and Hove. 

Seemingly taking no notice of the government coronavirus guidance large groups were seen attending the beaches and social distancing was reportedly not always adhered to

Have we missed off your favourite moment? Let us know in the comments.