PINK Floyd star David Gilmour has been pictured playing with his granddaughter in a rare Instagram post.

The images show the 74-year-old rockstar standing in a puddle, hand in hand with a child believed to be his granddaughter, while she splashes around a waterlogged field.

Wife Polly Samson gave fans an insight into the guitarist's retirement lifestyle by posting the images on her Instagram account. The novelist caption the post, "Splish splosh".

Known for his lavish outfits, the Pink Floyd guitarist can be seen sporting a white fedora with a pair of dirty welly boots he uses to tread through the waterlogged field.

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One fan commented on the post said, "Oh my god, it's a magical shot of an amazing moment," while another claimed they "love grandad David Gilmour."

Just last month, the pairs luxury development in Hove was pictured without scaffolding for the first time, revealing the elaborate facade.

The couple bought Medina House five years ago but had to have it demolished in 2018 after it was found to be beyond repair.

In October, the front of the new home was revealed, showcasing the design built to echo the original building on the site - a 19th century Turkish bathhouse.

The Argus: The original Medina House dates back to 1894The original Medina House dates back to 1894

The original Medina House, which dates from 1894, formerly housed a laundry and women’s slipper baths.

The Victorian building formed part of the larger Medina Baths complex, containing two swimming pools and men’s slipper baths.

The musician agreed to replace the historic building with a design that would reflect the original spirit of the bathhouse with planning permission granted in March 2017 by Brighton and Hove City Council.