THE South East will be hotter than Madrid and Venice tomorrow as the country enjoys a spell of warm weather.

Clear skies and sunshine have been forecast for the rest of the week, with temperatures set to reach up to 17C (63F) tomorrow.

It comes after the region enjoyed the first taste of spring over the weekend after a wave of warm air from Spain brought temperatures not seen in more than three months.

Temperatures in Madrid are set to reach highs of 16C (60F) tomorrow and Venice is set to for a misty day with temperatures peaking at 17C (62F).

Met Office forecaster Oli Claydon said mid-teen temperatures seem "especially warm" following the recent freezing weather.

He said: “We're getting milder and wetter air from the west causing warmer weather all round, but we're a way off hitting a February record.

“These mild temperatures are set to stick around through the week with peak temperatures of 14C (57F) and 15C (59F) in South East England.”

The settled weather is set to continue into the weekend and the beginning of March.

People can look forward to enjoying mild daytimes, but the Met Office has warned that overnight frosts will still be likely.

But those with allergies could suffer from the increase in temperatures.

Hay fever sufferers are being warned to have their medication ready with a "pollen bomb" on its way.

The Met Office said the average maximum temperature for February was recorded as 21.2C (70.2F) in 2019. This was recorded Kew Gardens in London on February 26 that year.

Elsewhere, the North and West is due to see windy and wet conditions especially from tomorrow, while the Met Office has issued a rain warning for parts of Scotland until 6pm on Wednesday.

Today, the Environment Agency had seven flood warnings, meaning flooding is likely, in place in England - two of which are on the River Wye, in Herefordshire.

There are also a further 59 less serious flood alerts across the country.