A BUSINESSMAN is urging the public not to copy a group of parkour athletes who shocked locals after performing death-defying stunts on the seafront.

In their most recent stunt, Storror, a group of YouTubers who starred in a Netflix film, jumped from the upper level of Marine Parade.

The recently uploaded video - titled STORROR vs STORROR Parkour Challenge Race - ’ has already been viewed by close to half a million people.

In the video, thrill-seeker Drew Taylor can be seen asking a beachgoer to make way, much to the surprise of shocked onlookers, with one brandishing the idea as "ridiculous".

The Argus: The group called Storror shared a video of their parkour exploitsThe group called Storror shared a video of their parkour exploits

One bystander can be heard asking "is he insane?" - and Mr Taylor responds: “Yes, slightly.”

He can then be seen jumping into the beach volleyball court opposite The World Famous Pump Room cafe.

Mark Brady, owner of the cafe, witnessed the jump and said the stunt has the potential to cause serious injury.

“The sand doesn’t have great depth to it and there was a bit of a wind at the time,” he said.

“We don’t encourage it in any way whatsoever. That could cause a spinal injury and you could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.”

Mr Brady said one bystander was “irate” they act this way in front of young children.

After completing the so-called "Volleyball Height Drop" challenge, the crew continued their tour of Brighton, with nine further stunts around the city.

Founded in 2010, the group now has more than seven million subscribers on YouTube.

They are comprised of seven members including Mr Taylor, Toby Segar and Josh Burnett-Blake, as well as two pairs of brothers named Max and Benj Cave and Callum and Sacha Powell.

The Argus: Storror carried out a series of stunts around BrightonStorror carried out a series of stunts around Brighton

The professional parkour and specialist stunt performance team appeared in the 2019 Netflix film 6 Underground, which features Ryan Reynolds and is directed by Michael Bay.

While Storror are made up of professional athletes, Mr Brady worries copycats who are less well-trained may follow suit.

“I’d warn all people off doing it. But it could be very dangerous if you were slightly inexperienced,” he said.

“We get people jumping from there occasionally, but the seafront is like going to the circus but not having to pay the money.

"It’s very much an in place if you’re between 16 and 25 years old.”