A VIRAL video of a 'shark' swimming just off the beach in Hove has been dismissed as a fake.

The footage, posted on TikTok, appears to show a fin circling through the waves.

The video, shared by Ty Coates, is said to have been viewed more than 1 million times.

There were fears that Brighton and Hove could see similar scenes to those in the movie Jaws.

But it seems that it is safe for swimmers to return to sea after the clip was described as an elaborate hoax.

Both filmmakers and animal experts have waded in on the debate.

The Argus showed the footage to David Neale, company director and cinematographer at Wild Stag Studios in Brighton.

He said: “Even though the video quality is poor, you can tell the shark moves to smoothly through the water.

“That smooth movement, for me, would be evidence that the video is fake.”

Ty was with a friend at Hove Lawns at 7pm on Friday April 30 when he claims he spotted the creature lurking amid the breaking waves.

He could be heard saying “oh my god” while recording a short video clip on the animal apparently circling in the shallows.

We asked the Sussex Dolphin Project how likely it was that a shark would make it this close to our shores.

Thea Taylor, project lead, said: "The video is unlikely to be genuine for a variety of reasons, including the unnatural movement, the ease at which the animal is swimming at such shallow depths, the lack of water movement when the animal is changing course and the lack of evidence to support likely species being in this area, at this time of year and this close to shore."

According to the Shark Trust, there are 21 species of shark in UK waters all year round

But it is unlikely to see one during a trip to the beach. Smallspotted Catsharks and Nursehounds are most likely to leave evidence of eggs.

There are 11 deepwater shark species, including the Portuguese Dogfish, Black Dogfish, Kitefin Shark and Gulper Shark.

Basking sharks also visit UK waters.

The Trust says so-called "dangerous" sharks have never been spotted in UK waters.