IT has been revealed that a surprisingly low number of people in Brighton have visited one of our city’s proudest attractions.

A study carried out by booking platform GetYourGuide revealed that people in the UK are more likely to return to a foreign holiday destination than they are to visit a British landmark or attraction.

The average person has visited eight countries outside the UK, and more have been to the Eiffel Tower (35 per cent) than Brighton Palace Pier (26 per cent).

The Argus: More people claim to have visited the Eifel Tower than Brighton Palace PierMore people claim to have visited the Eifel Tower than Brighton Palace Pier

But the study also revealed that people in Brighton are guilty of neglecting the attraction, with 41 percent of people in city claiming to have never set foot on the famous pier.

With another summer of home soil looking likely for most, Jo Fennel says it is the best time to explore the exciting landmarks on our doorstep.

She said: “Many of us are guilty of passing these iconic parts of our culture while we’re out and about but now is the time to truly explore our own towns and really get under the surface of the UK’s famous landscape.

“This is the perfect time to step out of the comfort zone of our annual travel routines and discover some of the best bits of the UK.”

Londoners were revealed the worst culprits for not visiting attractions in their city.

More than 60 per cent said they have never been to St Pauls Cathedral, and 63 per cent have never visited the Houses of Parliament.

Less than half of people living in the UK said they have visited Buckingham Palace and 78 per cent have never seen Stonehenge with their own eyes.

In Scottish capital, one in five (22 per cent ) locals have never visited Edinburgh Castle.

The research of 2,000 Brits was conducted by Perspectus Global on behalf of GetYourGuide between 30th April - 4th May 2021.