A HERD of up to 100 cows blocked the roads as they roamed through a busy high street last night.

Sussex Police received reports yesterday at 9.30pm that the herd had blocked Balcombe Road, Haywards Heath, as they made their way into the town.

Walking towards Haywards Heath train station, one of the cows even managed to make it onto the platform.

The others continued on their journey, making it as far as the high street.

Writing on Twitter, inspector Darren Taylor said: "Not going to milk this, however!

"Reports from motorists of 100 cows blocking the Balcombe Road yesterday at 9.30pm as they walked up towards the train station.

"One of the cows even made it onto the platform of the station, whilst some decided to head towards the High Street."

It incident comes just weeks after elven ducklings were rescued from near a level crossing in Chichester.

The fluffy birds were saved with the help of residents and officers from Sussex Police.

With mother nowhere to be seen, the ducklings were left in the care of wildlife charity Brent Lodge.