A CANNABIS factory growing 150 plants has been discovered, leading to the arrest and charge of a 24-year-old man.

Police discovered the cannabis factory in a mid-terraced property in Norway Street, Portslade.

Officers supported by the Tactical Enforcement Unit entered the building on July 2.

The police moved in on the house after receiving information that expressed suspicion about the activity that was going on.

Upon entering the property, police discovered that five rooms had been converted to be able to help grow roughly 150 plants.

Klaudio Kiosia, from Norway Street, Portslade, was charged with producing a controlled drug of Class B - cannabis.

He was kept in police custody and had to appear at Brighton Magistrates' Court yesterday, July 3.

Superintendent Rachel Swinney said: "This cannabis factory was discovered as a result of information from the public.

"I wish to thank those members of the community for playing their part in tackling drugs supply in the city.

"Cannabis factories are often linked to the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and they can also pose a fire risk to neighbouring properties.

"If you have concerns about drug production or dealing in your area, please contact us online or by calling 101."