THERE has been an official complaint about “Stop Brexit Man" standing outside the Labour Party Conference playing the Anthem of Europe on his speaker system.

Steve Bray, a British activist known for his protests against Brexit, was seen waving an EU flag and playing Ode to Joy.

He was outside of The Brighton Centre during the Labour Party Conference, which started on Saturday and ended on Wednesday.

Mr Bray was seen having discussions with various Labour members including Luke Pollard and Bambos Charalambous, as well as trying to speak with Ed Miliband.

The Argus: Keir Starmer said Labour could win the next general election.Keir Starmer said Labour could win the next general election.


He founded a political movement called Stand of Defiance European Movement (SODEM) which started in 2017, but dissolved as a company in January 2021.

Brighton and Hove City Council were told that he had been “playing recorded music over a PA system that contravenes noise pollution regulations.”


The complaint, filed on on Monday, continued: “Please exercise your functions to remove their equipment. Needs to be done soon.”

The Labour Party Conference is an annual event for the political party to connect with its members, vote on issues, raise funds and showcase its policies.

Sir Keir Starmer insisted that Labour could win the next general election but needed to get “totally serious” about it.

The Argus: Much of the Labour Party conference took place at the Brighton CentreMuch of the Labour Party conference took place at the Brighton Centre

He said: “In a few short years from now I want to be here with you talking about the difference we are making, the problems we are fixing as a Labour government.”

Some of the other major pledges made included the introduction of a Clean Air Act, increasing the minimum wage to £15 and a change in focus for education which allows children to get the chance to play competitive sport and play an instrument.

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