A GROUP of at least 30 kite surfers made the most of the yellow weather warning on the weekend as wind speeds reached over 20 miles per hour.

An armada of kite surfers were seen on Goring beach front, Worthing, spread across the horizon near the shore, while some were said to be “much nearer to the wind farm than the shore” according to one on-looker.

Tim Swinton, from Worthing, witnessed the extreme sports enthusiasts in action around 11am on Sunday while walking.

He said: “They had their kites up as they were walking, and they were almost flying for the sea. It was really funny, it was brilliant.

Windspeed on the day was 18.7 knots in the early afternoon, which is over 21 miles per hour and categorised as a “fresh breeze” – according to the National Weather Service.

The Argus: Some of the kite surfers in action.Some of the kite surfers in action.

Tim said: “I’m trying to think of the lowest number, they were almost banging into each other!"

He did not see any crashes and said it was great to witness the dare devils.

He added: “They were all over the places, going up in the air and crashing back into the sea. It was a really really high wind, it was amazing.”

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for Saturday, with rain and wind battering Sussex all day. The weather improved on Sunday, although there was still strong winds.

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