BIRDS are getting stuck in netting at a busy car park and dying “horrendous" deaths.

Pigeons, garden birds and seagulls have all become been tangled in the netting on top of the car park at Brighton Marina.

Photos taken on Friday show a dead baby seagull caught up in it.

The Argus: Birds stuck in netting at Brighton Marina car parkBirds stuck in netting at Brighton Marina car park

A small, dead garden bird was also pictured with its neck snared in the netting and damage to its wing.

Damian Goldman said he often sees the “horrendous” sight and is calling on the marina to remove the “dangerous netting”.

He said: “For many years I have been seeing dead birds caught in the many nettings at the marina, including the netting at the top of the car park.

“It is very distressing to see.

The Argus: Birds have been found dead in netting at Brighton MarinaBirds have been found dead in netting at Brighton Marina

“I have removed a dead baby seagull and a small dead bird.

“All that netting should be removed as it is horrendous for wildlife”

Photos of the dead birds have been shared widely on social media, with animal lovers considering starting a petition to have the netting removed.

One Facebook user said: “This is heart-breaking. All those poor birds probably suffered for days before their deaths.

“We need to get another campaign to either get this netting removed, or at the very least, maintained and checked every day for any birds that are caught in there.

Another said: “This is awful. I will gladly sign any petition to have this netting removed.”

Brighton Marina has been contacted for a statement.

Supermarket giant Tesco was forced to remove netting from its store in Church Road, Hove, last year after shoppers reported seeing dead birds tangled and trapped.

The company said the netting was in place as a safety and hygiene issue to prevent bird faeces falling on customers.

Tesco has since carried out work to prevent birds from accessing the roof space.

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