SOCIAL media users have slammed a “stupid” photographer for leaning over the edge of a cliff at a popular beauty spot.

Members of the Argus camera club shared their outrage at the woman appearing to risk her life for a photograph at Seven Sisters in the South Downs.

Posted on Facebook, the snap shows a small group of visits standing close to the crumbling cliff edge, while one lies on the ground peering over the edge.

Tyrone Campbell spoke of his shock after he captured the “stupidity” on camera.

He told The Argus: “As a photographer, I must admit I do go to great lengths to take ‘that photo’ but my health and safety will always come first.

“As I was walking along the Seven Sisters on the South Downs taking in the spectacular views I saw what looked to be three young adults near the cliff edge in the distance.

“I remembered the Argus posting about this back in February 2021 with photos of a huge volume of rock that fell from the cliff around that area.

“I was hoping the cliff edge didn’t fall. I was getting butterflies. I wanted to say to them ‘just be cautious’ and warn them about that area earlier this year and that it collapsed.

“Luckily one of the group waved back the fearless friend and carried on walking up the Hill.

“Makes me wonder, would you risk it for that angle?”

The coastguard regularly urges visitors to stay away from the cliff edge, which has been subjected to huge cliff falls in the past year.

In August, a section cutting into the old path to the east of Belle tout lighthouse collapsed.

Pictures from above the beauty spot by a drone revealed the scale of the fall, with the path once used by visitors to walk alone destroyed.

The Argus: The shocking image captured at the Seven Sisters The shocking image captured at the Seven Sisters

In the past year there have been almost 50 cliff falls in East Sussex, as well as 13 incidents of people being stranded on the beach after being cut off by the tide.

Despite monitoring, the vast majority of cliff falls happen suddenly with no warning signs.

In May, Newhaven Coastguard issued a similar warning after a dog died after falling from the cliff at Seaford Head.

There was a large cliff fall at the same stretch of cliffs in March.

Rainy weather in February caused cliff tops to become crumbly and unstable, with coastguard crews responding to a series of dangerous incidents as a result.

A large gap which opened up in the coastal path between Seaford Head and Hope Gap had to be cordoned off.