A FASHION stylist consoled a teenage girl after her own friends encouraged strangers to insult her.

Susie Hasler, from East Grinstead, was shopping at Bluewater Shopping Centre when she overheard a teenager asking passers-by to tell her she looked “awful” in a pair of sunglasses.

The 36-year-old, who runs personal styling company Styled By Susie, took to social media to share the tale of the incident in Primark.

On Instagram, Susie, whose page has more than 34,000 followers, said she couldn't stop herself taking action after seeing fellow shoppers agreeing with the teenager's friend.

The Argus: Fashion stylist Susie Hasler, from East Grinstead Fashion stylist Susie Hasler, from East Grinstead

Susie told her followers "with friends like this, you don’t need enemies".

"I was in Primark and there were two girls who were trying on sunglasses. One of the girls was getting passers-by to get her friend how awful she looked,” she said.

"She was saying 'those glasses look awful, excuse me, can you tell my friend how terrible she looks'.”

Susie said the teenage girl was wearing high-fashion sunglasses, which she admitted are “not to everyone’s taste”.

"I said 'excuse me, can I have a look?' and I said, 'I’m a personal stylist, and I think they look fab, and if you love them, you should get them'," Susie wrote.

"At which point, the friend said, 'I think I’m going to listen to the personal stylist’s point of view'. And her friend said, 'but I don’t like them, I like the more classic styles'.

"I said to her, 'what about your friend? She likes these? She looks fab in them' - so she went and bought them."

The Argus: Fashion stylist Susie Hasler, from East Grinstead Fashion stylist Susie Hasler, from East Grinstead

The fashion stylist said the incident highlighted an important and powerful message about positivity and friendship.

"Be careful who you surround yourself with and remember just because your friend doesn't like it doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy it,” she said.

"Follow your own style intuition. And if I’m nearby, I’ll tell them off.”

Her followers were quick to thank and congratulate Susie on stepping in.

"I love this. I prefer to shop alone because I’m not interested in others opinions of what I wear,” one person said.

Another added: "Love this. I bet she feels amazing every time she wears them now too. Well done you for stepping in.”

Another joked: "She should of shopped for a new friend."

Finishing the video, Susie said it is often the case that “women dress for other women”.

“So, it’s important to build each other up,” she added.

"If a friend tells you she doesn’t like an item of clothing you pick up, it’s likely she is influenced by her own taste and likes/dislikes.

"If a friend asks your opinion, give her the encouragement to purchase it and tell her she will look fabulous.

"If you feel it’s not going to flatter her, tell her in a constructive way, while giving her a great compliment."