A WOMAN has been arrested after driving four passengers while nearly double the legal alcohol limit.

Sussex Roads Police breathalysed the 21-year-old after they noticed her “swerving onto a roundabout” in Brighton and almost crashing into other vehicles last night.

Officers say the driver and her four passengers were “highly intoxicated” and seemed to find the situation “amusing.”

During a roadside breath test the driver blew 75 micrograms (UG) of alcohol - almost double the legal limit – and was arrested.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “The young 21-year-old female was driving with her four young friends. All four occupants were highly intoxicated.

“The female blew 75ug/L almost double the drink drive limit and was arrested; all occupants found this amusing.

“The female provided two samples in custody of 75 and 79 and will be charged.

“She is also in a position of trust in her career and her employer will be informed.

“Thankfully, tonight this did not end in disaster, and we did not have to knock a loved one’s door.”

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