THE TONGA volcanic eruption was detected by meteorologists more than 10,000 away in a Sussex town.

The undersea volcano, which erupted near the Pacific Island on Saturday, was recorded on a barograph, read by volunteers working at Hastings weather kiosk.

The clockwork apparatus, which measures air pressure, recorded a “blip” late on Saturday afternoon and a second around six hours later.

Meteorologists say the “blips” were caused by the impact the volcanic eruption had on air pressure in the town.

The Argus: barograph

A spokesman for Hastings Borough Council said: “Changes in air pressure like this travel at the speed of sound.

“Tonga is just over 10 000 miles away and, at the speed of sound, that’s around 14 hours away.

“It is quite amazing to realise that here in Hastings we are able to measure – and see – the impact of a volcano in the South Pacific and recorded on clockwork equipment.”

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