PRIME Minister Boris Johnson recently announced all Plan-B Covid restrictions will end.

Face masks are no longer mandatory in classrooms for secondary school pupils and teachers - they will not be required in public spaces from Thursday, 27 January.

Covid-19 passports for venues and events will also be scrapped on the same day.


The Argus: Face masks in public spaces will no longer be mandatoryFace masks in public spaces will no longer be mandatory

The Argus spoke with members of the public at Churchill Square for their reaction.

Malcolm Bradford, who regularly shops in central Brighton, said: “They’re trying to deflect from the party sleaze that’s going on at 10 Downing Street, trying to bring in some good news.

“I followed the rules, but so many people just can’t be bothered. It’s just a case of everyone having to take precautions, regardless of age or background.”

On continuing to wear face masks after they are no longer required, Mr Bradford added: “Some people seem to think it’s a real hinderance, but I don’t understand that. Safety first.”

Face masks were reintroduced in public spaces to combat the Omicron Covid last year.

However, many feel the government’s latest announcement has come too soon.

Dave Field, a resident from Portslade, would like to see measures continued until at least February.

“I’m a type-2 diabetic, so I’ve got to be careful,” he said.

“There are so many cases still that I think this is the wrong decision. I don’t want anybody to give it to me, or vice versa.”

The Argus: Shoppers in Churchill Square give their views on restriction easingsShoppers in Churchill Square give their views on restriction easings

Meanwhile, Dominic Harrison, who lives in central Brighton and regularly attends busy pubs said of the restrictions: “We’re going to have to get rid of them eventually. No one’s going to do this forever.”

Many, like Dominic, told The Argus they believe in an individual’s choice to continue wearing a face mask from next Thursday, but that we all have a responsibility to one another.

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“This isn’t going to go away any time soon, so if someone feels they want to wear a face mask then fair enough to them. They’re there to help with the protection of other people.”

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