A DOG has fallen off a cliff, prompting a warning from the coastguard.

Newhaven Coastguard issued a warning to pet owners after a dog owner climbed down a cliff edge in Eastbourne in an attempt to rescue their animal.

After the dog fell from the cliff just east of Eastbourne, the owner “risked climbing down to rescue it”, according to a coastguard spokesman.

“Alongside flank teams from Birling Gap and Eastbourne Coastguard Rescue teams, the owner was determined to be safe, and teams assisted with recovery of the dog.”

Following the incident which happened on Wednesday, March 16, Newhaven Coastguard issued a stern warning for other dog owners not to do the same.

“Please always keep dogs on leads close to the cliff edges, and never put yourself at risk by climbing down a cliff,” the spokesman said.

“Please call 999 and ask for the coastguard.”