If you would like a new four-legged friend in your life, perhaps Jack or Rupert could make the perfect pal.

These two dogs, currently being cared for by the RSPCA Brighton Animal Centre, couldn’t be more different but are all seeking a forever home.

And if you aren’t in a position to adopt a pet right now, you can still support the centre’s work by making a donation.

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The Argus:

Breed: Dutch Shepherd

Age: 6-12 months

Jack’s previous owner could no longer look after him, so he is looking for a new home.

He is a friendly, very lively young dog who can be a bit worried when he first meets new people.

Jack knows his name but has not had any further training so will need to start from scratch. He likes toys and treats and enjoys his walks but is very strong on the lead and can tend to woof at anything new.

Jack can be very mouthy when he is over-excited so would need to live with children of 16 years or older who are used to large dogs.

He will need his own garden and can’t be left too long on his own initially.

For more information on Jack, visit the RSPCA website.


The Argus:

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed

Age: Approximately 3 years

Rupert is a unique dog who will need a very special home.

Rupert came to the centre in February 2021 and staff had never met such a shutdown dog who feared human contact to such an extent. It took a long time for him to accept any affection and weeks for him to venture into the outside world.

Through patience, dedication and a lot of love Rupert has now blossomed. Due to his past experience he is still extremely anxious and nervous of new situations and probably always will be. He will need a home with someone who can commit the time and dedication to his continued rehabilitation.

Rupert's new home will need to be quiet and calm and in a rural location with a large, secure, private garden.

He is looking for owners who has bull breed and nervous dog experience and will need an adult only home. He cannot live with children or have any visiting children.

He would like somewhere with another dog to play with but this will need to be a larger female as he does play rough!

His new owner will need to be willing to commit to shelter visits over a period of weeks prior to adoption and continue to work with centre staff going forward.

For more information on Rupert, visit the RSPCA website.