Artificial intelligence has created stunning depictions of Lewes Bonfire.

The pictures, created mostly in the style of Rembrandt, portray bustling streets in Lewes on its famous bonfire night.

Roland De Villiers, from Lewes, generated the images using special software where you put in descriptions and it combines that with a database of real-life images to generate the new ones.

Roland, who runs a video production company called Shootlab, said he did it for a “bit of fun” to create the completely unique images ahead of Lewes Bonfire next weekend.

The Argus: An AI generated image of 'Lewes' CastleAn AI generated image of 'Lewes' Castle

He said: “The process is text to image, all you are doing is describing what you want the image to create. The description includes the style of the picture like photo-realistic or oil painting.

“In this case, I specified Lewes Bonfire night, Rembrandt colour, oil painting, highly detailed, expressive, smoke, fireworks. That sort of thing.

“The result changes with every set of words you use. Sometimes it comes out with something ridiculous.

The Argus: A 'Lewes' style streetA 'Lewes' style street

“A lot of them look like quite convincing oil paintings.

“It uses your text inputs and draws on reference material across the web, so it analyses existing artwork and uses a mathematical model to contribute to the final image.

“There are lots of discussions about this sort of thing, it’s how you define art. It can get a bit complicated.

“You can look at it face value as art but it’s how you define it.

“These AI images will get better and better. It’s not an accurate representation of Lewes. It’s evocative, the pictures look like they’re 200 years old, it wouldn’t have been like this in terms of the event back then. But you could easily look at it and think it belongs to days gone by.”

The Argus: A version of 'Lewes' Castle with a lakeA version of 'Lewes' Castle with a lake

AI-generated art has been around for decades but has grown in popularity as computers have become more powerful.

AI generated images are even starting to be sold online, with news emerging from photo licensing service Shutterstock that it will compensate artists whose work inspired the AI creations.

Lewes Bonfire is on Saturday, November 5.

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