Brighton and Hove City Council say they are “investigating” the placing of a cycle hangar after concerns were raised that it was blocking cars from parking.

The hangar, situated in Norfolk Square in Brighton, attracted complaints by straddling two spaces.

Designed to store multiple bikes in a secure box the size of a car, the hangar was dubbed “absolute madness” as it blocks on-street parking.

Now, a spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council has said: “We are aware of concerns relating to the cycle hangar in Norfolk Square and are investigating.”

The cycle hangar is part of a city-wide scheme designed to provide around 900 bike parking spaces by Spring 2023.

However, one resident, Bill Young, 72, said that the placement of the Norfolk Square hangar was “absolute madness”, adding: “It creates this hate between residents and car owners. I think it should be removed and put inside the square and that way there wouldn’t be a problem.”

First introduced in July, the hangars have proved immensely popular as spaces became booked up shortly after they were made available.

Spaces cost just over £1 a week, working out at £60 to store a bike for a year.