Brighton has been revealed as the city with the most night owls in the UK, topping the charts for the most late night takeaway ordering. 

The data, from Deliveroo, reveals that Brighton residents ordered the most late night takeaways, followed by the people of Leicester.

Londoners came third in the rankings for tucking into late night snacks.

Deliveroo's Top 100 report also shows that Brighton is the third sauciest city, beaten only by London and Cambridge where people order the most sauce with their meals.

Across the country, the most popular sauces are katsu curry Sauce, chilli oil, ketchup, chocolate sauce and garlic mayo. 

In the UK, deliveroo riders have travelled the equivalent of 453 times to the moon and back in 2022, delivering from over 59,000 restaurants and 7,000 grocery partners. 

The most popular delivery requests from Brits this year have been:

  1. “No onions please”
  2. “No pickles please”
  3. “Salt and vinegar please”
  4. “No mushrooms please”
  5. “No coriander please”


Some of the more unusual delivery requests included:

  1. “Don’t ring the doorbell - it’s super loud.”
  2.  “Chilli sauce please lads. It’s all been so good this week, thank you very much. Love you guys, will bring you some beers soon.”