Fatboy Slim has revealed his regrets over meeting his hero David Bowie.

The DJ, real name Norman Cook, was sharing some of his favourite memories of Brighton during an interview with Kevin Bishop at Brighton Beach House.

But he also shared some lesser-known stories, including how he wished he had never met Bowie.

Norman was talking candidly about going sober and his regrets and Kevin asked: “Do you feel like you should meet your heroes?”

Norman hesitated. “Umm. Most of them.”

“Is there anyone you think 'ugh, I wish I’d never met him',” said Kevin.

“Well there is one,” said Norman. “It’s David Bowie.”

The audience gasped with one person saying: "Really?”

The Argus: David Bowie made Norman feel 'deflated'David Bowie made Norman feel 'deflated' (Image: Geoff MacCormack)

Norman then told an anecdote about a private show Bowie had held in London as a warm-up for a big tour.

It was around the peak of Fatboy’s fame and he had been invited by the tour organisers and was seated in a box with Mick Jagger.

Later he attended the afterparty.

Norman said: “I had had a few drinks, by the way."

The DJ, originally from Bromley but now firmly a “Brighton boy”, used this connection to spark up a conversation with Bowie, who had also grown up there.

“One Bromley boy, to another can I have a fag off you?” he asked.

He said Bowie looked at him blankly and handed him a cigarette.

“I’m Fatboy Slim, by the way,” Norman said.

Bowie dismissed him, saying “yeah I know” and carried on his conversation with someone else.

Norman said: “I was just deflated.”

The Argus: 'He was perfectly civil, but unimpressed''He was perfectly civil, but unimpressed'

He reassured the audience that Bowie was “perfectly civil” but ultimately unimpressed by Norman.

He said: “Most of the people who you love are lovely really and the bigger they are the lovelier they tend to be, they don’t need to prove their ego or that they’re cleverer than you.

“The big ones are just really nice people.”