2023 marks 50 years since one of David Bowie's best remembered performances here.

The star took to the stage in front of sold out crowds at the Brighton Dome on Wednesday, May 23, 1973.

The Argus: A ticket for the evening concertA ticket for the evening concert (Image: Brighton Dome Archive)

He visited the venue for two performances in the afternoon and evening as part of the Ziggy Stardust world tour.

A balcony ticket cost £1.20 which, adjusted for inflation, is around £11.50 in 2022.

This was the Starman-singer's second visit to the coastal city on his tour, having played at the Brighton Dome in February 1972.

The Argus: Four 'young girls' fainted at the Brighton gigFour 'young girls' fainted at the Brighton gig (Image: Saler Photography / Brighton Dome Archive)

Brighton Evening Argus journalist Rodney Deitch was in the crowd at the "glittering, space-age act". In his review, he described how 18 seats were uprooted from the floor as "frantic youngsters crowded to the front of the theatre, and four young girls fainted."

He added: "The act is total theatre. The stroboscopic lighting, weird costumes and Bowie's charisma transformed the Dome immediately into a science fiction world of musical and visual imagery."

The visionary artist was known for his eccentric looks and era-defining performances.

"Hundreds of fans wore eye make up, stars and other deocration on their faces, and futuristic unisex clothes, just like Bowie's.

"As performers, they [Bowie and his band] are streets ahead of most other pop groups.

"David Bowie is more than just another pop singer."

The Argus: The original image which appeared alongside the article - Fans were metres away from the global pop iconThe original image which appeared alongside the article - Fans were metres away from the global pop icon (Image: Brighton and Hove Stuff Archive / Evening Argus)

Melita Dennett, who attended the concert at the age of ten, told The Argus in 2016: "It was over all too quickly, but this was it: I knew there was another life, another world because I'd seen it, here in Brighton Dome.

"It wasn't just about Bowie, it was the realisation that you could step outside of stifling conformity, normality and find that other world for yourself. It was just Bowie who lit the way for me and innumerable others."

David Bowie died in 2016 at his New York home at the age of 69, after suffering with liver cancer for 18 months.