Primary school children held a protest against climate change inspired by Greta Thunberg.

Year 2 pupils at Warden Park Primary Academy in Haywards Heath took to the streets to bring attention to parents and passersby about the climate crisis.

The 60 children chanted and held placards outside their school in New England Road.

The Argus: They held up hand-written signsThey held up hand-written signs (Image: Grace Downes / Warden Park)

Teacher Grace Downes said: "The students have been learning about the environment at the moment.

"In geography they're learning about the oceans and continents, in science they're learning about habitats and the world around them, and in English they're learning about climate activist Greta Thunberg.

"They were inspired to spread awareness, and decided to start a protest like Greta.

"Their voices should be heard too."

The youngsters braved the cold weather for their protest on Friday, holding cardboard signs they made in class.

Among them were messages such as "Our planet our future" and "Save our only home".

Ms Downes added: "I am beyond proud, and I find it really inspiring.

"Even as a teacher it makes you learn more about the environment. When you have all these seven-year-olds asking 'why', it makes you ask the same.

"The other day I had to go away and learn about the leachate and the methane and how it goes into the water and soil."

The Argus: The students are learning about the environmentThe students are learning about the environment (Image: Grace Downes / Warden Park Academy)

More than 50 parents were outside the school to watch their children take part.

"The response was brilliant. One of the parents suggested they should walk in a circle and chant, so they did," said Ms Downes.

"Some parents even joined in with the chants of 'Be the solution not the pollution'.

"The kids feel so passionate about it."

The school strikes for climate first came into recent culture when teenage activist Greta Thunberg protested outside the Swedish parliament instead of attending school.

Protests inspired by her actions took place internationally and in Brighton, where thousands of students took to the streets in 2019.