A campaign group offering warm clothes to the homeless has moved its operation to a railway station.

Take One Leave One, which previously operated in Ship Street in Brighton, has now moved its clothes rail outside Brighton Station to help those in need.

The concept, which sees warm clothes left for those in need, is now looking to expand to more sites in the city after originally beginning in London.

Stefan Simanowitz, a journalist for Amnesty International who set up the project in 2018, said: “Hopefully more of these will be put up across the city. There’s a need for it that’s the shocking thing about it.

“Sometimes I will put up more than 200 items in the morning and they would be gone by the afternoon.

“This is needed more than ever with the cost-of-living crisis. What makes this idea so great is the simplicity of it that you can explain it to a child.”

The campaign, which has now spread across the country, involves clothes rails being set up in public places with a selection of warm clothes on them.

The Argus: The rail has moved from Ship Street in BrightonThe rail has moved from Ship Street in Brighton (Image: Andrew Gardner)

If someone has spare warm clothes to give away, these can then be added to the rail and those in need can take a coat or other clothes items free of charge.

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The rails are run on a voluntary basis and Stefan is offering to help people set up more across the area.

He said: “We are opening this in one of the richest countries in the world. Getting rid of homelessness is not some Utopian idea, it just needs the will to act by the government.”

The clothes rail, set up in Ship Street by Take One Leave One Brighton in 2021, is now at the front of the station forecourt.

People are encouraged to get involved either by donating clothes or volunteering to help expand the network of clothes rails.