Former councillor Christopher Hawtree will run as a candidate in the upcoming local elections.

Mr Hawtree, who served as a Green councillor between 2011 and 2015, is a writer and active campaigner in and around Hove.

He is standing for election in the Central Hove ward that he used to represent at Brighton and Hove City Council.

Mr Hawtree said: “I am glad to be standing again in Central Hove, which I have previously enjoyed representing, when I learnt so much about the hundreds of diverse matters with which the council deals every day.

“I enjoy walking around the area and talking to residents about both their concerns and their enjoyment of living here.

“My involvement with local issues includes two campaigns to prevent Labour’s closure of Hove Library, which brought national attention.

“I was disappointed to see the recent attempt by Hove Labour councillors to reduce the opening hours of Hove Library.”

Mr Hawtree will run alongside Helen Dixon, a local resident who works in human rights education, media and sustainable community development.

Speaking about her selection, she said: “I’m really concerned about how the cost of food, energy and housing is squeezing so many people in different ways.

“I think it’s more important than ever that we become active in our local community, to ensure we put the care and wellbeing of people and our planet at the centre of social and economic policies.

“I am excited to engage in this new experience of being a candidate for councillor with the Green Party.

“If elected, I’ll be proud to make the voices of Central Hove residents heard, and I’ll take the same positive and flexible problem-solving approach that I’ve learned from my experience in community development.”

The ward is expected to be hotly contested between the Green Party and Labour - who currently represent the area.

At the last local election, Green candidate Aditi Bhonagiri came within 40 votes of unseating Labour councillor Gary Wilkinson.

Ms Bhonagiri will run as a candidate in the Regency ward for the party in the elections in May.

Former Labour councillor Emma Daniel will stand against the Greens in the Central Hove ward, along with Joy Robinson.

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