GB News has been accused of “casual homophobia” after Brighton was mocked on an “alternative” Match of the Day programme.

The right-wing broadcaster created its own rival football programme after Match of the Day aired with no presenters or pundits on Saturday.

The BBC show faced a staff boycott after presenter Gary Lineker was suspended following a tweet criticising the government’s asylum policy.

However, GB News commentator Patrick Christys provoked anger among some viewers after he mocked Brighton when discussing the Leeds v Albion match.

When asked about his thoughts about the fixture, he said: “I am a Manchester United fan, so I would quite happily see Leeds go down.

“As far as I’m concerned, Leeds should have probably lost.

“Brighton, I have never been to - although I imagine that Gary Lineker would quite like Brighton because it is full of rainbow flags and woke people.”

The political editor of the Byline Times described the comment as “casual homophobia” and referenced how the channel has courted controversy amid claims of airing antisemitic conspiracy theories and misinformation around the pandemic.

Former council leader Warren Morgan also criticised the remark and said that Albion is “proud of its inclusive values”.

He said: “If this is the future of news in this country, then we are headed to a very bleak and unpleasant place.”

David McGregor, a Labour candidate for Whitehawk and Marina for the local elections, described the remarks as extremely dated.

He said: “I came out in 2005 at the age of 14. Even back then this would be looked at uncomfortably.

“I am proud to be part of the community and proud to live in Brighton.”

The show was also branded “the worst piece of television that has ever been made” by Independent political columnist Tom Peck.

“It was like two nine-year-olds had broken into a TV studio,” he said.

Despite the controversy sparked by his comments, Patrick Christys later tweeted that the programme was “the most mental, hilarious, loveably calamitous, completely coles together bit of magic I’ve ever been a part of”.

GB News was approached for comment.