More flood alerts have been issued after earlier warnings that coastal properties were at risk from water damage.

Alerts were issued in the early hours of the morning across Sussex including near the River Ouse, Cuckmere River and in Pevensey.

The warnings come after Environment Agency officials said that flooding was “expected” in seafront areas of Seaford. The town as well as inland areas of Seaford may also be affected.

In an update issued at around 4am on Friday, March 24, an Environment Agency spokesman said: “Flooding is possible in this area [around the Upper Ouse and Cuckmere River].

“Monitor local water levels and weather conditions. Avoid using low lying footpaths or entering areas prone to flooding. Start acting on your flood plan if you have one.”


In total, nine flood alerts have been issued for areas of Sussex including: Coastal areas of Pevensey seafront Coastal areas of Seaford seafront Cuckmere River Inland areas of Seaford Warnings from earlier this week that “properties are at risk of flooding” in areas of Seaford remain in place.

Residents were urged to consider activating any flood protection products they may have.

The Environment Agency recommends people in affected areas have a "flood plan" which includes: Having a bag ready with vital items like insurance documents and medications in case you need to leave your home Checking you know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water mains supplies Planning how you will move family and pets to safety