A domestic abuse survivor has shared her story about the man who “completely poisoned my brain” to help others who are suffering as she did.

Darcy Bolingbroke, 23, was subjected to four years of violence, coercion and intimidation at the hands of her abuser.

Shaun Kent, 30, of Sandhurst Avenue in Woodingdean, has been jailed for physically and emotionally tormenting her.

And now Darcy wants to share her story to show others they can “get to the end of it” and secure justice.

After choosing to waive her right to anonymity, Darcy said: “It was such a relief knowing that we have gotten justice and that I was a victim.

The Argus: Shaun KentShaun Kent (Image: Sussex Police)

“There are so many people who have been in my position. I’m glad there was a sentence put in place.

“The sentencing just isn’t good enough in these cases. I wanted more but I’m absolutely happy with that outcome.”

Kent pleaded guilty to counts of controlling or coercive behaviour, assault actioning actual bodily harm, intimidation and assault by beating.

He was sentenced to a total of 32 months in prison.

At his sentencing hearing on March 17, Darcy stood in Lewes Crown Court and read a victim impact statement.

The Argus: Lewes Crown CourtLewes Crown Court (Image: The Argus)

In the statement, Darcy wrote: “I started to lose the feeling of happiness within me and instead I felt no emotion at all.

“This man had completely poisoned my brain to believe that this was all I was worth and stripped me from my youth. I no longer had that spark within me.

“I was isolated from family and friends completely at this point. I wasn't returning home until I knew my parents had gone to sleep because I didn't want them to see me battered and bruised.

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“I was completely broken. I had my hair ripped from my scalp, my gums torn apart, bruises on my arms, legs and face.”

Darcy added in the statement that Kent controlled her social media accounts, threatened to have someone throw acid in her face and told her she was “damaged goods”.

She described reading the statement as “a breath of air” after waiting two years to get it out and that she was “really happy” with what she wrote.

She added: “I feel really strongly about having that shared. I want everyone to see it and end that feeling of being alone. I felt really alone because there was no one in my area that had gone through it.


“I feel that if there are women in my situation they can reach out to me and have someone to talk to.”

At the end of the statement, Darcy said: “I want him to know that he did not ruin me and that he in fact is and forever shall be a domestic abuser and a monster of a human being.

“I may still have to live with the memory of what you did to me but I am a survivor of your abuse.

I hope that you are never given the opportunity to do this again and I hope that no other women will have to suffer like I did.”