Over 100 people are set to be made redundant in the coming months, despite plans to increase student intake, a university has confirmed.

Staff at the University of Brighton were told earlier today that 110 jobs will be lost in a restructuring of the workforce.

However, in an email from vice chancellor Debra Humphris, the university also said that they would be looking to “grow student numbers” despite job losses partially hitting the academic workforce.

In the email, Professor Humphris wrote: “We have already done everything we can to protect jobs wherever possible.

“However, we have reached the point where we must take difficult but necessary steps to change our staff base in certain areas.

“Our focus on becoming a sustainable institution has always been our driving force for change. By taking these prudent steps now, alongside our plans to grow student numbers in areas of demand, we will secure a strong and sustainable future for our University.”

The Argus: University of Brighton University of Brighton (Image: Argus Archive)

A University spokesman also cited “generationally high” levels of inflation in the decision to make redundancies.

Staff have been given the option to take voluntary redundancy before May 22, at which point compulsory redundancies will be made to fill the gap “as a last resort”.


In the university’s most recent accounts, published for the 2021-22 financial year, expenditure rose by just over five per cent while income rose by just one per cent in comparison.

A University spokesman said: “As a provider of high-quality, skills-based education, there are significant opportunities for us to continue to strengthen our position as we look to the future.

“The decade-long freeze in undergraduate tuition fees has reduced their value in real terms by around a third, while the increase in our costs as a result of generationally high levels of inflation has created further pressure.

By addressing the immediate financial challenge we face, we can make the most of the opportunities available to us and continue to ensure our future sustainability and success. “We recognise that this is a very difficult and concerning time for our staff and we will be doing all we can to support those colleagues impacted by these proposals.”