A community union has described government plans to scrap no-fault evictions as a “win for organised tenants”.

Long-promised plans to abolish Section 21 no-fault evictions were introduced to Parliament on Wednesday in the Renters’ Reform Bill.

The proposals will allow tenants to challenge poor landlords without losing their home and also give them the legal right to request a pet in their home, which landlords cannot unreasonably refuse.

Community union Acorn said that the bill was a win after years of campaigning by their group and others.

A spokesman for the Brighton branch of Acorn said: “A ban on Section 21 evictions that currently allows landlords to kick tenants out for absolutely no fault of their own, often because they dare complain about standards or challenge unfair rent rises, is a significant step towards better standards and security for England’s renters.

“The introduction of a Decent Homes Standard for privately rented homes is also long overdue, and will mean landlords have a legal obligation to make sure the homes they rent out are safe, comfortable and of a good standard, the very least somebody could expect of a home they live in.”


However, the spokesman said that more needs to be done to close loopholes to ensure landlords cannot evict tenants through other means.

“There is still a way for this to go before it becomes law and, with some landlord activists lobbying to get the changes watered down, we will continue fighting to make sure it delivers the change renters so desperately need," he added.

Labour leader Keir Starmer has signalled that his party will back the bill, despite critics’ concerns about loopholes that could see the rules side-stepped.

Peter Kyle, shadow Northern Ireland secretary and MP for Hove, said: “Labour has been putting pressure on this government to carry through with their plans to abolish Section 21 so we are pleased this is finally happening.

“If we win the next general election, we will go further and revolutionise the rental market through the creation of a new Private Renters’ Charter.

“This would make renting fairer, more secure and more affordable through a high-quality and properly regulated private rented sector.

“I’m really proud that it’s in the DNA of the Labour Party to continue to support and champion the most vulnerable, including those in the rented sector.”