A terrorist has admitted plotting a gun attack against a Christian preacher at a political landmark.

Edward Little, from Brighton, pleaded guilty to preparing to commit acts of terrorism at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park against preachers, and members of emergency services.

The 21-year-old terrorist planned to buy a gun to kill a Christian preacher and her camera crew at Speakers’ Corner, London, as well as any police or soldiers in the area at the time, it was alleged.

Little, from Pelham Street, was in a taxi on his way into London with thousands of pounds in cash when he was stopped and arrested on September 23 last year by police.

The prosecution said Little, who is currently in Belmarsh jail, researched targets including Christian preacher Hatun Tash, military figures and members of the Metropolitan Police.

But defence lawyer Tom Godfrey said Little only accepted targeting the preacher.

The Argus: A sketch of Little at a previous appearanceA sketch of Little at a previous appearance (Image: PA)

As part of his preparations for the attack, Little looked up a series of guns and arranged to buy one for £5,000.

Earlier this year, he denied preparing to commit acts of terrorism but changed his plea and admitted the charge today at the Old Bailey.

When he was arrested, Little was carrying a rucksack with £5,000 in cash, a passport and two mobile phones.

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He had earlier asked the taxi driver to stop at a mosque to pray, but said he would do it in the cab after being told there was none on the route.

Police later found an encrypted chat on one phone, setting out his attack plan and the gun purchase.

Going by the online name of “Abdullah”, Little was also said to have exchanged chat about religion, Iraq and “kuffar”.

Little declined to answer questions in police interviews but his mood changed when he was shown a YouTube view of the preacher Hatun Tash. He launched himself from his chair across the table at an officer in Newbury Police Station, swinging repeatedly with his fists before being restrained on September 28 last year.


At a previous hearing at the Old Bailey, Judge Richard Marks said Little has an “absolutely shocking previous record”.

The defendant had been convicted of 14 offences on seven separate occasions, including for robbery, having a knife and drug dealing, dating back to 2017.

Little was due to stand trial on July 10 for the terrorism offence before pleading guilty at the hearing before Mr Justice Baker.

Mr Justice Baker adjourned sentencing until July 21 and remanded Little into custody.