Planned increases in parking fees and charges are to be reviewed following an outcry from residents.

Huge rises were due to come into effect from July 17, with charges near the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton to soar by up to 300 per cent, from £1.40 an hour to £5.60.

Central Hove, Queen’s Park and the area around London Road railway station were also due to see similarly big increases.

The rises were included as part of the budget of the former Green-led administration, which was estimated to raise £200,000.

A report presented to councillors in February, however, warned that the potential loss of demand could be “higher than estimated and may impact visitor or resident patterns of use”.

The plans caused outrage among residents, with many taking to social media to vent their anger.


One questioned how the council could justify such huge increases, while another said  the move would “affect small businesses, the self-employed and people using the hospital".

Warren Boucker went further and urged others to take a stand against the move.

He said: “It’s f***ing relentless. Until we make a proper stand like France, the establishment will continue to rinse us financially.”

Araminta Summer also raised concerns that such huge increases in parking charges would affect her business.

“I am a single mum who is a self-employed cleaner around Brighton and Hove,” she said.

“My clients are in a lot of these areas and I have to use a car to try and cut my commute times so I can fit more clients in a day in the hours my son is at school.

“We are also in a cost-of-living crisis, which has already had an expected impact on my type of work. Do I put my prices up and make it also unaffordable for clients to have me any more?

“Either way, it pretty much screws my business I am trying so hard as a young single mum to build alone.”

The Argus:

Following fury from across the city, Labour council leader Bella Sankey said the administration would review the changes to ensure patients, carers and staff have affordable access to hospitals.

She said: “We’re announcing a review of all planned changes to parking fees and charges due to be introduced next month.

“This is with a view to taking a long-term strategic approach to parking pricing in the city taking into account income projections for the year ahead.

“While we need to work carefully to balance the council’s budget, we must also recognise people’s concerns about price rises during this cost-of-living crisis.

“In particular we want to ensure patients, carers and staff have affordable access to our hospitals and other important services within the city.”