Car enthusiasts have shared their shock and sadness after it was announced that the London to Brighton Mini car run has been cancelled.

Organisers revealed that the event would not run next year after citing the effects of Ultra Low Emissions Zones in London and Brighton and “reduced parking” in the city among the reasons.

Many people have expressed their sadness at the loss of the classic car event but also angry that the May event will no longer run.

A council spokesman said that they had spoken to organisers to try and save the event going forward.

Taking to social media, one commenter said: “Sad to hear this, I did the run from 2006 and 2019 and have so many great memories.”

Another added: “So sad to hear the news, a massive blow to the Minis but understand the difficulties and it’s such a shame.

“I didn’t make it to Brighton this year as the Mini packed up but still camped and had a great time.”

Hundreds of Mini owners flooded Madeira Drive this May to celebrate all things about the cars at the annual event.

The Mini run first started in 1986 and was nearing four decades old.


With the organisers citing a lack of parking, many Argus commenters levelled criticism at Brighton and Hove City Council.

In response, council lead for events Alan Robins said: “We are doing everything we can to save this important event for the city against the backdrop of rising costs for organisers.

“Council officers have today spoken with them to find try and find working solutions that can make the event viable going forward.

“We are confident that when the Black Rock development is completed, we’ll also be able to increase capacity and space for participants.

“The city’s ULEZ only applies to buses in a small area of the city.

“We have so many excellent and historic events taking place in the city every year and we will do everything we can to support them and the economic benefits they bring.”