Fears are growing that a stream has been polluted with chemicals after it turned white over the weekend.

Pook Bourne Stream, in Burgess Hill, gave off a "chemical" smell with a milky liquid seen rather than clear water as normal.

Residents are now concerned the liquid could be severely impacting the surrounding environment.

Mandy Payne, who regularly walks her dog past the waterway, said: “The poor wildlife must be suffering.

“Do not let your dogs drink or go in it for a while. It’s milky and smells.

The Argus: The Environment Agency is investigatingThe Environment Agency is investigating (Image: Mandy Payne)

“I walk here all the time and don’t usually notice a smell. It’s difficult to explain but I would say it smelled a bit chemically.”

The discoloured water was first spotted on Friday (July 7) and is said to have remained this way until at least Sunday.

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It is not yet known what caused the water to turn white, but the Environment Agency (EA) said it is investigating.

A spokeswoman for the EA said: “Our officers are investigating reports of pollution in Pook Bourne Stream, Burgess Hill.

“If members of the public have any environmental concerns, please call us on our free 24-hour incident hotline.”

Southern Water said it is investigating the issue and will provide an update later today.