Gatwick Airport was forced to close its runway last night after a plane made an emergency landing.

Multiple planes were held in the air while the Airbus A380 landed on the runway but was unable to move from the tarmac.

The runway was closed for several hours while the Emirates plane came to a standstill with several planes diverted to Luton airport.

Video footage from inside the plane showed passengers watching vehicles meeting the plane on the tarmac shortly before 8pm.

The plane was stationary on the runway for several hours before the airport was able to fully re-open.

The runway was briefly closed due to a landing gear fault on the plane which meant it could not turn forcing it to be towed from the runway.


Five planes that were supposed to land at Gatwick were diverted to Luton airport.

A Gatwick Airport spokeswoman said: “The Main Runway was closed for a short time last night, following an Emirates A380 making an emergency landing.

“It landed safely but due to a gear fault it could not turn off the runway, which meant it needed to be towed. Our team worked to get the plane off the runway as quickly as possible.”

Emirates Airlines were also approached for comment.