People have been racking their brains trying to work out where in Brighton this mural has appeared.

The “unbelievably beautiful” street scene was posted on Facebook last week and ever since citizens have been staring at it and wondering where it is.

It looks like a typical city centre street. 

But it isn't. In fact it is not a real street at all but rather a fake one created by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Matt Whistler, also known as Artist Dotty, who used AI to make the artwork, said: “It was frightening really. The fact that there’s a reflection on the floor is impressive.

“I don’t want to feel like I’m conning people with it, I’m 50-50 on it.

The Argus: The original art piece created using AIThe original art piece created using AI (Image: Artist Dotty)

“People have been trying to find it around Brighton but it’s good to get people ahead of the curve on AI.”

Matt, 51, who lives near Preston Park, asked an AI art generator to create “photorealistic street art in Brighton, UK”.

The results show a 3D illusion mural of a hooded man on a street corner.


After being posted to the Keep Brighton Weird Facebook page, the mural received thousands of interactions from people wondering where the mural was.

Many people likened the image to actor James Norton in his role in Happy Valley as Tommy Lee Royce, however Matt stressed that this was not intentional.

One commenter said: “Is this in North Laine? My daughter said possibly somewhere near London Road.”

Another said it was "unbelievably beautiful".

One eagle-eyed poster said: “It's really cool, however, whoever did it got permission to take down the canopy and had the foresight to mask over the vent on the wall.

The Argus: Matt Whistler, also known as Artist DottyMatt Whistler, also known as Artist Dotty (Image: Andrew Gardner | The Argus)

“AI, maybe. Only because I have lived in Brighton for a while and I don't recognise that.

“I could be wrong but I'm sure it would have been reposted elsewhere.”

Brighton’s streets have become synonymous with street art with all kinds of murals across the city.

The North Laine area of Brighton features street artworks from artists across the world.