A new open-air swimming pool is owed over £170,000 in tax rebates by HMRC, an MP has claimed.

Sea Lanes, recently opened as the National Open Air Swimming Centre, is owed the VAT rebate after first opening earlier this year, MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said in Parliament.

The Brighton Kemptown MP raised the issue in the House of Commons, adding that the rebate was months overdue.

Speaking in a point of order to the house, the Labour MP said: “I have written to the Treasury twice without a substantive reply about Sea Lanes, the first new public lido opened in 30 years in my constituency and the National Open Air Swimming Centre.

“They are owed over £170,000 in VAT rebate. This was due back on the April 14. I am sure the front bench will understand the importance for new businesses to get speedy rebates.

“The HMRC has no hotline for MPs to ring up, we have to use the public hotline and every 48 hours Sea Lanes has to re-authorise my office to speak on their behalf.

“We were told on June 25 that there was nothing delaying the payment and still three weeks later nothing has been released.”


Taking to Twitter, Mr Russell-Moyle suggested that the total owed stood at around £176,000.

Sea Lanes first opened on June 1 and hosts a swimming pool on the seafront as well as a number of spaces for small businesses.

The development includes bars such as Bison Beer as well as coffee shop Fika.

Speaking on the tax rebate, Ross Gilbert, Director at Sea Lanes Brighton said: "We are very grateful for the support that our local MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has provided us with from liaising with HMRC directly to raising the issue at the House of Commons to resolve the issue of our VAT tax rebate.

“We look forward to receiving our rebate and concluding this matter."

HMRC was approached for comment.