Anyone standing in the way of an e-scooter scheme in the city is a luddite, according to MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

That was the response from Brighton's Kemptown MP when asked if he was in favour of a e-scooter hire scheme in Brighton and Hove.

While he said there were legitimate safety concerns around their use, he believes a hire scheme would address the problems.

“People are riding them at the moment and it’s wasting police time enforcing them,” he said.

“People who want to stop the tide are luddites.

The Argus: The MP says he supports an e-scooter scheme in the cityThe MP says he supports an e-scooter scheme in the city (Image: PA)

“We need to regulate the scooters to ensure they are used safely and that’s what long-term hire schemes and docking stations can achieve.

“There are risks when considering any form of transport, however with risk management and regulation, e-scooters are an effective and responsible way to travel.”

E-scooter hire projects are already seeing success in many UK cities, including London, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol, and offer a cost-effective way to get around.

“We should be focusing on the positive impact that more economical and movement intensive travel brings to the community,” said Mr Russell-Moyle.

“Under a Labour government, e-bikes and scooters would be reduced in cost in order to promote more efficient travel methods.”

The Argus: Hire schemes are already available around the countryHire schemes are already available around the country (Image: PA)

There were 30 collisions involving e-scooters reported to Sussex Police in 2022.

Last year in Great Britain there were 1,117 reported road collisions involving an e-scooter, leaving 339 people seriously injured and 11 dead.

It is currently illegal to ride a private e-scooter in a public space and anyone doing so faces a £300 fine and six penalty points on their licence for having no insurance, as it is not possible to insure a personal e-scooter.

Police also have the power to seize e-scooters.

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Hire e-scooters, however, are legal to ride on public roads but come with strict conditions.

Riders must meet the minimum age limit, which can vary depending on the provider. They must also hold the relevant driving licence, category Q, P or M, and create an account with the rental company.

Anyone using a hire e-scooter must ride them in cycle lanes or on the road.