A Ryan Gosling fan has used artificial intelligence (AI) to give some well-known faces a Barbie makeover.

Images include Joe Biden as Ken with a six pack, Margaret Thatcher dressed head to toe in pink and Kate Middleton as a Barbie doll.

Duncan Thomsen, a freelance film editor from Brighton, says he is a big fan of Ryan Gosling and wanted to create the images off the back of the worldwide hype for the new film which stars the actor alongside Margot Robbie as Barbie.

The film has been released today.

The Argus: Joe Biden serving Ken-ergyJoe Biden serving Ken-ergy (Image: SWNS)

The 53-year-old said: "I absolutely loved making these photos - I was laughing the whole way through.

"When has an American president ever had a six pack on show before?"

AI responds to prompts and commands set by the user and creates pictures by referencing billions of images online.


Duncan used the software Midjourney, through the application Discord, to create the epic Barbie mash-ups.

The Argus: Prince William has been given a Barbie makeover by AIPrince William has been given a Barbie makeover by AI (Image: SWNS)

It can be a lengthy programming process because AI requires users to tell it exactly what it needs to do and requires "absolute description", he said.

"I saw that the film was coming out and I'm a big fan of Ryan Gosling,” he said.

"Creating these images is great fun so I thought I'd give everyone a dash of pink and 'Barbie up' the whole world.

"Who wouldn't love a Barbie makeover?

"What you want to do is capture the person or place's unique essence then bring the Barbie features in - that's when it starts to looks really good."

The Argus: An AI generated picture of Kate Middleton as BarbieAn AI generated picture of Kate Middleton as Barbie (Image: SWNS)

Duncan has also used his AI skills to imagine what famous historical figures would look like if they could take selfies.

In April, he recreated the Last Supper and also made snaps “taken” by Henry VIII, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I and soldiers at Agincourt.

Duncan believes he's the first person to use AI for this purpose and said the results are "hilarious".

He said his technique could be used to teach history in schools.

"I got an eye for image through my day job and have been fortunate to have worked with some really great people,” he said.

"It's allowed me to cross reference everything I've worked on and explore my imagination without limits and this is the result."