Brighton has been named the worst place in the UK to live as a single parent.

A new study found single parents in the city would have the least disposable income of anywhere in the country, facing a deficit of more than £900.

The deficit, based on the cost of mortgage repayments and childcare against average salaries, was over £400 higher than the second worst city in the survey.

Worthing, Eastbourne and Hastings also made the list with deficits ranging from £395 to £529.

Speaking on the findings, Layla Johson, regional manager for Creditfix, said: It’s astonishing to see the financial turmoil that single parents could face living in Brighton with a mortgage.


“It seems as though some may be better off renting to aid short-term disposable income and reduce piling debt.”

Four of the six worst places to live as a single parent were from Sussex, with the remaining two being Oxford and Cambridge.

The cheapest place to live as a single parent is Aberdeen, where they are £2,053 better off.

The deficit in the study does not take into account bills, food costs and other outgoings.