Fears are growing as a stream where the water mysteriously turned white last month has discoloured again.

Last weekend, Pook Stream, in Goddards Green, near Burgess Hill, gave off a “dirty, dead” smell with a milky liquid seen rather than clear water.

Residents say this is a repeated occurrence and are concerned the liquid could be severely impacting the surrounding environment.

Heather Sanders, who lives nearby and regularly walks her two Labradors past the waterway, said: “I first noticed it four or five months ago and I had never seen anything like it before.

“The smell is hard to describe. I would say it is dirty and dead.

“It seems to happen in a cycle, about every four or five weeks.

“It’s getting really worrying now.”

The Argus: Heather said she is 'really worried' about the discolourationHeather said she is 'really worried' about the discolouration (Image: Heather Sanders)

The 58-year-old said she has reported the incident to the Environment Agency who asked her to send a sample but she has not heard back.

“Some people seem to think it is a natural occurrence and say it is due to chalk but Burgess Hill is a clay area.

“I used to see way more insects like damselflies in the area but since this white liquid has been around I have not seen many.

“I don’t want to let my dogs walk near if it is harmful to them.”

The green circle around Burgess Hill is an area of open space which residents, including families with young children, frequent.

“I am worried for children and families playing in the area if it is harmful,” said Heather.

The Argus reported the discoloured water was first spotted on Friday, July 7.

It is not known what caused it to turn white, but the Environment Agency (EA) said it is investigating and found no signs of pollution last month.

A spokeswoman for the EA said: “Our specialist officers continue to investigate what might be behind the intermittent discolouration of Pook Stream.

“We would welcome any information from the public called in to our incident hotline immediately that might help us identify the source: 0800 807060.”