Videos purporting to show aliens soaring over the skies of Sussex have captivated and  unsettled those who filmed them.

Tolyna Read, from Hangleton, and Nic Pimm, from Woodingdean, both captured the peculiar flying object as it slowly moved across the sky.

Neither Tolyna or Nic said they had seen anything like it before - and were certain it was not a plane.

The Argus: The three lightsThe three lights (Image: Supplied)

The illuminated object was hard to pick up on their cameras, as its bright lights were said to have pulsed and rotated through the night sky on Monday.

Nic said: "I had opened the back door to let my dogs Beau and Kai out.

"And I saw this big, bright light above the trees. I thought to myself 'What is that?' as it slowly came forward, slightly at an angle.

"I got a little bit unnerved, to be honest."

The Argus: WoodingdeanWoodingdean (Image: Google)

She quickly called her dogs in and ran inside, but curiosity got the better of her as she felt the need to capture it with her phone.

"I bolted out my front door and looked over the road, where you could see the lights in a diamond formation.

"It was really big, but you couldn't hear it whatsoever. There was no tail, or propellors or anything I could see which moves it," said Nic, after seeing it at around 12.25am on Monday night.

The Argus: Sherbourne CloseSherbourne Close (Image: Google)

Tolyna, a stay-at-home mum from Hangleton, described a similar celestial encounter.

"It was circling over Sherbourne Close and the flats opposite.

"It was hard to get on the camera but it was definitely not a plane. I thought the aliens were coming.

"There were three coloured lights and a green strip which was lowered down.

"But when you get it on the camera it is just this bright circle of light."

The Argus: Tolyna ReadTolyna Read (Image: Supplied)

The 40-year-old said she had never seen anything like this in her life before, except for three days prior when the same craft was spotted above her house. 

"I only got a glimpse of it for half a second," she said, before it returned at around 11.30pm on Monday, September 4.

"I am not sure if it is the government, or the police, or what it is. It's a lot higher than the houses but not as high as an airplane - but it hangs around for quite a while.

"It just turns into a giant glowing circle whenever you try to take a picture of it," she said.

There is a video below. To view it, disable any ad blockers.

Unlike Nic, Tolyna said she heard a loud rumbling noise while the unidentified object was overhead.

In January, supermarket worker Hal Harris spotted a glowing orb in the sky above Hove.

He said he was "taken by surprise" and took out his camera to film the spectacle.

“It appeared to be controlled. They were going quite fast, one after the other,” he told The Argus.

"If you look at the scale of the universe there is definitely life out there. Probably bacteria growing on the edge of a platinum crystal.”

The Argus: A UFO seen above the EDF building in PortsladeA UFO seen above the EDF building in Portslade (Image: Hal Harris)

Nic added: "We are not the only ones in the universe. But I don't know whether this could be another country spying on us, or the government.

"I think we have the right to know. These things should not be kept from the people."

Using publicly available flight records, The Argus has found an easyJet flight flew in a similar path at 12.25pm over Lewes at around 8,000 feet.

The Airbus A320 was returning to London Gatwick from Santorini in Greece.

Inbound flights to Gatwick were being placed in a holding pattern over Burgess Hill at around 11.30pm, meaning they were circling over the area while a slot to land was made available at the airport.

According to Sussex Police, only two reports of UFOs were made in the region in 2022.