Brighton MP Caroline Lucas has slammed plans to water down key environmental targets to reduce carbon emissions.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced this afternoon that the government intended to push back net zero targets including pushing back the ban on electric vehicles by half a decade.

Now, Green MP Caroline Lucas has called the plans “nonsense” and “catastrophic”.

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s decision, Ms Lucas said: “It’s like saying he [Rishi Sunak] is committed to putting out the fire at the same time as letting down all the tyres on the fire engine.

“This is pure political game playing from Sunak but all of us will pay the price. Delaying energy efficiency measures will mean higher bills and more emissions.


“Parliament must be recalled and should sit tomorrow – Sunak’s blatant and cowardly sidelining of Parliament cannot be allowed to stand.”

Prior to the announcement, the government had previously pledged to ban new boilers by 2025 as well as a ban on new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

The government will now also not ban new boilers until 2035 and ruled out putting new taxes on meats and air travel.

Rishi Sunak said it “should be the consumer” who decides on whether to buy electric vehicles.

The government asserts that they are still committed to reaching net zero in the UK by 2050.