Residents of cliffside homes were evacuated after a landslide.

Firefighters were called to the incident which began at 1.32am on Sunday, November 5, near Marina in St Leonards.

Crews attended, gave safety advice and contacted a scaffolding company that was at risk from the landslide.

No one was evacuated from their homes then.

But that evening firefighters were called as there were more reports of a landslide and unstable ground.

It was affecting the bottom of a cliff in Marina and the top of a cliff in West Hill Road and a wall had collapsed at around 8.50pm.

A structural engineer was on site, and a police drone and a helicopter were used to help assess the situation.

A spokeswoman for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service: “Residents were allowed to return to eleven properties on West Hill Road at around 11.15pm.

“Two properties remained evacuated.

“There are no reports of injuries.”