We have found the best Wetherspoon pubs in Sussex for you to pick up an absolute bargain of a pint.

A new map shows how much a pint of Carling costs at all Spoons in the UK and reveals which are the cheapest and which are the most expensive.

In Sussex, the cheapest one costs a measly £2.58.

It can be found at The Six Gold Martlets, Burgess Hill, as well as at The Jubilee Oak, Crawley, and The Ounce and Ivy Bush, East Grinstead.

For that price we’re practically robbing the place.

Moving to the opposite end of the scale we encounter a frankly eye-watering price for a pint of Carling at Wetherspoon. Any guesses? £6.30 at either of the Gatwick Airport sites.

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The second most expensive pint costs £3.97 which you'll find at The Brighthelm, The Post and Telegraph and The West Quay in Brighton.

The cost of a pint of Carling at every Wetherspoon pub in Sussex is listed below:

  • The Ounce and Ivy Bush, East Grinstead, £2.58.
  • The Jubilee Oak, Crawley, £2.58.
  • The Six Gold Martlets, Burgess Hill, £2.58.
  • The Three Fishes, Worthing, £2.88.
  • The Lynd Cross, Horsham, £2.99.
  • The Hatter’s Inn, Bognor, £2.99.
  • The George Hotel, Hailsham, £3.43.
  • The Crowborough Cross, Crowborough, £3.43.
  • The George Inn, Littlehampton, £3.43.
  • The Dolphin and Anchor, Chichester, £3.46.
  • The John Logie Baird, Hastings, £3.54.
  • Cornfield Garage, Eastbourne, £3.75.
  • The London and County, Eastbourne, £3.75.
  • The Picture Playhouse, Bexhill, £3.75.
  • The Brighthelm, Brighton, £3.97.
  • The Post and Telegraph, Brighton, £3.97.
  • The West Quay, Brighton Marina, £3.97.
  • The Flying Horse, Gatwick Airport, £6.30.
  • The Red Lion, Gatwick Airport, £6.30.