Pieces of meat have been mysteriously appearing in a park.

Dog walkers in Vale Park, Portslade, say the weird occurrences have been happening for months.

One woman, who regularly takes her dog to the park, said the types of meat and bones vary with some looking like they came from a lamb and others looking like they came from a cow.

She said the pieces look as if they have been cut with an electric bone saw.

“It's been going on for about three months,” she said.


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“It did stop for a short time then it started up again.

“It’s not nice seeing body parts scattered everywhere.”

The Argus: Pieces keep appearingPieces keep appearing (Image: Submitted)

The resident said Cityparks is aware of the issue and has told people to leave any bits of meat found and alert the team to it.

She is aware of people having problems with their dogs biting the bones and not letting go.

Pieces have also been found near flats in Denmark Road.

“Lamb bones splinter and can cause troubles,” she said.

 “The big ones are just future vermin trouble.”

Brighton and Hove City Council has been approached for comment.