Parking in the southern part of Hollingdean is a “mess” and the area could be a priority when councillors look at where to bring in new controlled zones next year.

The verdict was delivered at a council committee meeting where a petition was due to be presented.

It was signed by 304 people but no one was at Hove Town Hall to hand it in to Brighton and Hove City Council’s Transport and Sustainability Committee.

The petition called for people in south Hollingdean to be consulted about the creation of a controlled parking zone after a scheme proposed for the wider Hollingdean area was rejected in October.


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Labour councillor Trevor Muten said that he understood why people from south Hollingdean had started their petition calling for a residents’ parking scheme.

One of those involved asked not to be identified because of the controversy and “strong feelings” about a potential controlled parking zone in the area.

A presentation sent to councillors described residents’ experiences and frustrations about drivers from other areas parking their cars in Hollingdean.

One of the examples given in the presentation was John, who asked to have only his first name used.

The presentation said: “John, a resident of Hollingbury Crescent, feels angry and let down by the council.

“John has had to deal with verbal and physical abuse outside his home from non-residents fighting over parking spaces and regularly finds his car damaged from people squeezing into small gaps.

“As a young family, they’ve been struggling for years, unable to park near their property, with regular trips to hospital for a sick child made unnecessarily difficult and an overwhelming feeling of dread when they return home knowing they’ll be unable to park anywhere close to their home.”

Councillor Muten, who chairs the council’s Transport and Sustainability Committee, said that the committee debated the issue extensively in October.

He said: “I recommend an effective residents’ parking scheme in south Hollingdean is considered as a priority when the ‘parking scheme priority timetable update report’ is presented to this committee next year.

“In response to my recommendation, I am given to understand that officers will ensure this petition is considered when outlining the way forward.”

Green councillor Steve Davis said that parking in south Hollingdean was a “hot mess”.

He said: “I know plenty of people who live in that area. It’s a disaster, the parking there, and it’s only going to get worse. I genuinely think we need to look at this again.”

Councillor Davis called for a report sooner than the next “parking scheme priority timetable update report” but was unable to persuade the Labour-dominated committee which agreed merely to note the petition.